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Freedom Mentor Reviews by anyone who wants to share their thoughts on Phil Pustejovsky, Freedom Mentor and his Apprentice Program. Phil became extremely well known in the real estate investing education industry from his best selling book How to be a Real Estate Investor and the #1 most popular YouTube Channel in the real estate investing genre with some videos containing over 500,000 views. Meanwhile, to his apprentices, he became recognized as the leading real estate mentor because of the extraordinary results that were achieved. You can watch hours of Success Stories and be inspired and amazed at how many people from all walks of life have achieved tremendous success from the tutelage of Phil and the Freedom Mentor team.
As with any lucrative opportunity, there are some drawbacks. First and foremost, Phil’s belief is that the best deals are hard to come by and there isn’t enough opportunity for everyone to do what him and his team do. So they only can mentor those that are in areas where he doesn’t already have an apprentice. This disqualifies many of those interested in joining his program right there. Second, Freedom Mentor has an interview process to see which people they think are going to be a good fit for the program. Some have criticized Phil’s team for denying their application without a detailed explanation. In some cases, as not to insult the person, apprentice applications are simply denied without much explanation. Third, their is a cost for joining. Some folks are struggling financially and are unable to afford it. Some have complained that Phil was broke and homeless himself and therefore should let everyone join for free since he was once down and out. Phil’s response is that from his experience of quitting his job and going homeless, he discovered that being too broke makes real estate investing extremely difficult and that it is faster and easier to achieve success by first gaining a financial foothold from getting a job (or second job), bringing in some immediate income and then, once a little savings is built up, going back at becoming a real estate investor. That has not always been a well received nugget of wisdom because many people do not like having to exercise the economic discipline of earning slightly more and saving that money. They would rather experience the fun and thrill of a new adventure rather than the boring nuisance of sound personal finance habits. Lastly, becoming a successful real estate investor is more than just knowing what to do. It requires many paradigm shifts in the way most people have been taught to think about business and real estate. Some folks are more open minded to change the way they think then others.
Here’s a video of several people who joined the Freedom Mentor program and what they have to say about their experiences:

What do you think about Phil Pustejovsky, Freedom Mentor and if you’re fortunate enough to be a part of the program, his Apprentice Program? Please share your Freedom Mentor Reviews below:

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