Why You Should Be Flipping Houses Right Now




It is a great time for flipping houses. Real estate investors are making a ton of money flipping houses right now. I have been so busy doing deals that I haven’t even been able to post blogs this month! I would like to share why the current market conditions are perfect for flipping houses.



1: There are Fewer Properties on the Market

The stock of properties available in the current market is at an all time low. This means that if you put a property on the market it is selling faster than ever before and at a great price. Every property that I have sold in the past few months has had multiple offers which drove the prices up above asking price.  This is occurring even when I have a property listed too high and it is happening to my students all across the US.  We are experiencing the lowest stock of properties on the market in recorded history. This is good news for house flippers.


2: Highest Consumer Confidence in History

People are purchasing houses because they believe that the economy is doing well. Fannie Mae has a  Home Buying Sentiment Index and it recently hit its highest point in history. If you disagree and think we are in a real estate bubble I have a great video called, “Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?”

People are feeling confident in today’s market. The stock market is doing well which brings confidence in buying. This is extremely useful in the real estate market because buying real estate is a choice people make. We are experiencing the highest level of consumer confidence in history so buyers are feeling good about purchasing real estate.

If you are worried that the low stock and high consumer confidence makes it a bad time to purchase real estate, because we are at the top of the market, then I recommend you read my blog called, “Does Buying Real Estate at the Top of the Market Make Any Sense?


 3: Low Interest Rates

Interest rates are very low right now, but are expected to rise soon. At a government level, interest rates are starting to rise. The home loan interest rates haven’t begun to rise yet but they will soon. Banks will not continue to keep borrowing cash at a higher cost without raising their interest rates too.


Start Now

These three reasons are why NOW is the best time to flip house. If you have been considering getting started in real estate investing, now is the ideal time to start. Just make sure you know what you are doing so that you do not make any critical mistakes. . I wrote a book called, Real Estate Investing Gone Bad, so you can learn lessons on what not to do. These lessons apply even when it is the best time to flip houses, because mistakes can ruin even the best deals.

Now is the ideal opportunity for beginners to start flipping houses and making money. Houses are selling so fast that even a novice investor can make a good profit. I also recommend you seeking out a mentor to help teach you the ropes of flipping houses. You can look into my apprentice program for more information on my program where I teach students exactly that.

I challenge you to participate in this house flipping bonanza that is going on right now. I know you can get involved in the best time to buy houses for flipping in over forty years or maybe ever.

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