Freedom Mentor

Freedom Mentor ImageFreedom Mentor is the most trusted real estate investing mentoring and coaching services company on the market today. Led by Phil Pustejovsky, Freedom Mentor boasts the greatest track record of producing successful real estate investors of any real estate education company in history. Freedom Mentor Reviews have become the stuff of legend with incredible success stories that boggle the mind. Over the past decade, it has transformed ordinary people into extremely successful real estate investors through its unique and innovative approach to the business. Here’s a video from the Phil Pustejovsky providing you with a brief introduction to the company Freedom Mentor:

The company began after Phil had reached his financial goals through the tutelage of a real estate mentor and wanted to replicate what he has experienced. His vision was to duplicate himself across North America and split the profits with those he apprenticed. It took many years to put all the pieces together and there were many setbacks, mistakes and challenges that him and his team had to overcome along the way. Since no other organization in history had ever attempted such a bold plan, they had to invent new tools, techniques, strategies and processes to make it all happen. An example would be the Freedom Mentor Free Book. Today, Freedom Mentor is by far the leader in mentoring prospective real estate entrepreneurs to becoming first class, market leading investors and because of the exclusivity, has become increasingly difficult to join. Yes, there is a Freedom Mentor Cost. For those fortunate enough to be accepted into the program, as many before would attest to, it can be a life transforming opportunity. To learn more, check out the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program.