Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky Bio – Starting from very humble beginnings, Phil rose to the highest echelon of real estate investors in the world through determination, persistence, intelligence, integrity and perhaps most of all, a mentor who Phil under his wing and taught him how to be a first class, market dominating real estate investor. After reaching his personal investing goals, Pustejovsky began to mentor others, carrying on the age old tradition of passing on knowledge through personal mentorship. Year by year, his company Freedom Mentor slowly but surely grew. Over a decade later, Freedom Mentor has become the most results producing real estate coaching firm in history. The Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program has changed the lives of people from all different walks of life; from professional athletes to housewives, from customer service reps to engineers, from doctors to unemployed factory workers. Phil’s apprentices are among the most successful investors in their respective areas, creating gigantic profits and helping people along the way. Here’s a recent Phil Pustejovsky Bio video interview:

When Phil first began investing in real estate, he was barely getting by financially and by reading books and attending free seminars, he was trying to figure it out all on his own. In an attempt to devote more time to real estate, he quit his 9 to 5 job. Shortly thereafter, his finances dwindled away to nothing. He eventually couldn’t pay his rent and began living out of his truck. With no permanent roof over his head, he was basically homeless. During that phase of his life, he reported as having lived off a case of Bushes Baked Beans for a month.
At complete rock bottom, Pustejovsky turned to a higher power for answers. In several interviews, he explains that in the coming weeks after praying for a miracle, by complete random chance, he stumbled upon a very successful investor who was looking to duplicate himself by mentoring a worthy apprentice. And the rest they say, is history. Although not overnight, in a fairly short span of time, Phil closed on a big deal (without using any of his own cash or credit) and earned over $56,000. The arrangement with his mentor was a 50 – 50 split of all profits. So that first closing yielded Phil about $28,000. Certainly that was enough to get him a permanent roof over his head.
Once Phil began teaching others what he had learned, it began apparent that Phil had a gift for mentoring. His students began closing deals and doing things that up until that point, most had always thought were just myths and tales, not real life real estate stories. But Pustejovsky’s apprentices were doing the impossible. Earning hundreds of thousands on deals without using their own cash or credit. Even the most ardent skeptics became believers because Phil had the proof in the form of closing statements. His YouTube Channel became the most watched real estate investing channel in YouTube history. He has been featured in Huffington Post, Inc, and Yahoo Finance. And today, despite all the success, he remains committed to mentoring his apprentices and leading Freedom Mentor even further into the lead of real estate investing coaching companies. That is a Phil Pustejovsky Bio.