Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program

Over the past decade, the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program has been transforming ordinary people into first class, marketing leading real estate investors that achieve tremendous levels of personal freedom through financial prosperity. The following is a quick introduction video into this incredible program.

Although the Apprentice Program is life transforming, the reality is that it isn’t for most people. Only those who are truly committed to becoming market leaders should apply. Most people interested in real estate investing do not have large aspirations. Typically, they seek to do one or two deals per year and simply augment their full time job income. Although that’s a noble pursuit, this program is designed for that rare few who want to make real estate investing their full time career and are determined to become a leader in their marketplace. The ideal Apprentice has dreams of one day being a financially free real estate entrepreneur.

Phil created the Apprentice Program after his mentor taught him how to be an extremely successful investor and achieve financial freedom through real estate. The original vision of this program was to duplicate the process and results that Phil experienced through the tutelage of a mentor. What has transpired has been nothing short of extraordinary as the program has catapulted hundreds of people across North America into extremely productive investors surpassing all of Phil’s original expectations.

In order to qualify to join the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program, you must be in an area of North America where Phil doesn’t already have a mentee, otherwise there is the possibility that the two could get in each other’s way. So for some people that really want to get in, they are unfortunately unable to based on previous individuals already inside. Assuming that test is passed, then his team delves deep into the person’s application to ensure they are going to be the right fit. They aren’t looking for whiners, complainers, excuse makers or know-it-alls. That filter right there cuts out a lot of people these days because so often in today’s society, people want everything given to them. Then there are those humble, mature, focused, intelligent and willing to work hard people that are ideally suited to be mentored. And those are the ones most likely to be accepted into the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program. Apply here.